Peach Chiffon Dress

Peach chiffon dress from Banana Republic is a summer staple in my closet. Chic and comfortable, easy to transition from day to night.

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Peach ChiffonDress : Banana Republic | Sandals: BCBG| Crossbody Bag: Kate Spade NY | Sunglasses: Gucci |

Do you have a piece of clothing that you just can’t wait to wear? For me this is the case with this comfy and cute peach chiffon dress that I got as a gift from my husband a few years ago.

I remember exactly the day, it was one month after I got birth, my husband came home from work with a surprise package and inside was this gorgeous peach chiffon dress from Banana Republic. I love the color and the fabric, and it gets bonus point for having pockets, I absolutely adore dresses with pockets!

The dress is perfect for hot summer days, flats give it a more casual look, but if you put on some heels you can have a fun night out in this dress. The back of this dress has a little pee-ka-boo window which I find chic and gorgeous.

I scored the sandals on sale at Century 21 and they are so perfect for long city walks, the gold color goes well with almost everything in my closet. The bag is a 3 year old purchase I made from Kate Spade NY. I am known among my friends that I hate caring bags, as much as I love purchasing them, I prefer to not have one with me if its not necessary. This messenger bag is a perfect size and extra comfy for its cross body applicator.

Armed with my dark Gucci sunglasses I can beat the heat in NYC with no problems! I wore this outfit on a weekend lunch date and some small shopping in the city, and it was perfect for walking a few hours and chic enough to enter restaurants for a quick bite.