Energy Food I Am Taking With Me Into 2017

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A list of plant-based, high Energy Food that is Organic, Non-GMO and perfect on the go and would fit into an active lifestyle.

Energy Food ideas 8001How do you like my Energy Food spread? All those are some yummy options, right?

Energy Food ideas 8002You know why we are talking about Energy Food today? Because I have joined a gym and I am pumped! I am turning 30 in 2017 and one of my goals is to take my fitness to another level. I am super busy, working full-time, running the blog, being a wife, and a mother to an energetic 3.5 years old boy. For the past year, my workouts have been more inside my apartment and also much shorter.

Energy Food ideas 8003In 2017 I want to take my fitness routine to another level, I want to transform my body! To be successful I have made a plan, I thought about everything:

  • logistics – how I can get the most of my gym membership while working full-time, I studied the gym group classes and committed to a few that I know I can make time for
  • workout gear – I bought nice workout clothes to keep me motivated and also purchased any necessary gear I may need
  • training plan – I have researched many training plans and choose one that fits my schedule and fitness goals
  • energy food – I made a list of food items I should keep in my house or office; snacks that I can eat on the go and would compliment my extended workouts

Energy Food ideas 8006Here are a few things that I am looking for in my Energy Food:

  1. I want it to be versatile, delicious and perfect to be eaten on the go
  2. I want it to be organic and Non-GMO
  3. I want it to be a great source of clean energy for my body

Energy Food ideas 8007Here are the foods that made it into my list:

  • No sugar added banana chips and raisins
  • Rolled dates with nuts
  • Nut trail mix with sun flower seeds, pepita seeds, soybean seeds etc
  • Clif Nut Butter Filled Bar Energy Bar

Energy Food ideas 8008CLIF Nut Butter Filled Energy Bars combine delicious, creamy nut butter inside an organic energy bar, to deliver great taste, texture and energy. Made with a combination of creamy peanut, hazelnut or almond butters. The Clif Bar is plant-based, certified USDA Organic and Non-GMO.

Energy Food ideas 8004GMOs are organisms that have been genetically engineered with DNA from bacteria, viruses or other plants and animals, resulting in a combination of genes that can’t occur in nature. GMOs are present in approximately 70 percent of processed foods in supermarkets.

Energy food ideas 8011Studies show that GMO crops lead to the increased use of toxic chemicals and pesticides in conventional farming, elevating the risk of toxin exposure to the general public. Toxic pesticides and chemicals have been linked to birth defects, nerve damage and cancer, with children and pregnant women most at risk.

Energy Food ideas 8005Clearly this is not how our food should be grown. We can and must do better—and the major growth in organic food purchases by consumers is showing that we are beginning to head into the right direction. Want to learn more about Non GMO? I would recommend checking Go Green Get Lean: Trim Your Waistline with the Ultimate Low- Carbon Footprint Diet by Kate Geagan, MS, RD. She is an award-winning dietitian and “America’s Green Nutritionist,” who has helped millions fall in love with food that powers a vibrant, high energy life.

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Energy Food ideas 8010So here are my fitness goals for 2017! What are yours?

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  • Anne

    I can’t believe 70% of what’s in the supermarket uses GMOs. Yikes! Thanks for the that tip about looking at the numbers on the labels…I had no idea! Also, i was never a big clif bar fan but just got one again a wedding gift bag and it was delish!

  • Sues

    Love these ideas! Especially for when I start getting the mid workday slump! I definitely don’t get enough sleep and while I usually feel find in the morning, afternoons are tough for me and I almost always fall asleep on my train ride home!

  • Valerie

    I struggle with losing weight and have a slump around 2 p.m. every afternoon. This looks like a good option for snacks that might help me. I could try these.

    In Winter it’s even harder because of the cold.

  • Kristy @ Mommy Hates Cooking

    I am also hoping to take over my health in 2017. Working out is just not something that ever made a huge priority in my life, but the older I get the more I realize just how important is and how good it makes me feel overall. I am also a firm believer at what you put in your body effects how it works. So thankful that more companies are getting away from GMOs!

  • Aileen Adalid

    Amazing and thorough post! I know the Clif brand as well and I love their bars. I’ve been into organic stuff lately too so it’s great to learn more about non-GMO products. Hope a lot more people will be in-the-know about this.

  • Jennifer

    I am all about eating better in 2017. I have been working hard to change my habits and find healthier dinners and snacks that can fuel my body better. The suggestions you made above are some great ones that I can add to my arsenal.

  • Aprill

    I’m a really big fan of banana chips. They have just the right amount of carbs for energy, without all the sugar. I wish I wasnt allergic to peanuts, I heard it was a really good energy food. Thank you so much for the post!

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