A Sunny Day Spent at “Dendrariu Park” in Chisinau

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Tunic: Casa Cristea | Wedge Sandals: Burberry | Bag: Versace Jeans (similar)| Sunglasses: Kate Spade New York | Shorts: Maison Jules | Makeup: BB Cream Tarte | Lips: MAC lipstick in Pink Nouveau, MAC pencil in Candy Yum-Yum and MAC lip gloss in Pink Poodle | Jewelry: gift – Italian designer |

As I mentioned before in previous posts, we took a 2 week long trip to our home country – Moldova. During our stay we were blessed with great weather, so majority of our time was spent outside walking and enjoying the surroundings that we missed so much.

Our last day of the trip was bittersweet, we spent quality time with our family and went to one of my favorite parks in the city “Dendrariu”, this park is considered Republic of Moldova’s Arboretum Botanical Garden. Dendrariu Park is a beautiful and quiet place where you can spend time with your loved ones and still enjoy the nature’s beauty. We visited right when the roses and peonies were in full bloom, making the grand park seem like an ocean of colorful fireworks.

To fight the hot sun I wore a beautiful local tunic, that resembles national folklore with its intricate ornaments, this was a recent gift from a very special friend that I know from early childhood, I love her dearly and this blouse is a nice reminder of our friendship, its a thoughtful piece that reminds me of home while I am away, something elegant yet comfortable that can be dressed up or down, a piece that I will always wear with pleasure.

Right before we went to Moldova I picked this pair of shorts from Macy’s, I was attracted by the summery tropical pineapple print and the dark navy blue color, my spacious Versace Jeans bag and Burberry wedges were the perfect addition to take this outfit from casual to dressy, comfortable for the park walk, yet sophisticated enough to stop by and visit some friends for dinner.

We had a beautiful trip, and visiting Dendrariu park on our last day was the perfect ending, walking with my mom, son and husband through the rivers of fresh flowers, eating ice cream, blowing balloons and just enjoying the peace that surrounded us while still chasing my toddler was a great reminder how amazing is to live in the moment and appreciate the little things that life offers, as they hide the true happiness.


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